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Penguin Readers Level 5: “2001” (Paperback, 2008, Pearson Education, Ltd) 4 stars

Penguin Readers Level 5: “2001”


THIS IS A SIMPLIFIED VERSION, NOT THE ORIGINAL TEXT. Pearson English Graded Readers are an excellent tool to improve vocabulary, sentence structure and of course reading skills. Flexible in nature, they can be used in the classroom, at home or even during the holidays so students keep in touch with …

1Q84 (2011) 4 stars



1Q84 (いちきゅうはちよん, Ichi-Kyū-Hachi-Yon, stylized in the Japanese cover as "ichi-kew-hachi-yon") is a novel written by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, first published in three volumes in Japan in 2009–10. It covers a fictionalized year of 1984 in parallel with a "real" one. The novel is a story of how a woman …