Johnny and the Dead

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Terry Pratchett: Johnny and the Dead (Paperback, 1994, Corgi Childrens)

Paperback, 208 pages

English language

Published April 1, 1994 by Corgi Childrens.

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3 stars (1 review)

Johnny and the Dead (1993) is the second novel by Terry Pratchett to feature the character Johnny Maxwell. The other novels in the Johnny Maxwell Trilogy are Only You Can Save Mankind (1992) and Johnny and the Bomb (1996). In this story, Johnny sees and speaks with the spirits (they object to the term "ghost") of those interred in his local cemetery and tries to help them when their home is threatened. Johnny and the Dead is a feature of some schools' English curriculum.

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reviewed Johnny and the Dead (Johnny Maxwell, #2) by Terry Pratchett (The Johnny Maxwell trilogy -- 2)

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3 stars

Audiobook with nephew.
Not as compelling as only you can save mankind, but does well in terms of being a kids book that takes seriously that kids can understand big ideas.
Now quite dated, feels very 1990s with some awful clangers re: race/sex/sexuality.
The community meeting scene with the squash balls was epic on the audiobook.


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